User agreement

The present User Agreement (hereinafter Agreement) administer relationships between the owners of the site (hereinafter Acropol or Administration) from one side and the users of the site from another side.

The Acropol site is not mass media.

By using the site you accept the conditions of the present Agreement.

If you do not accept these conditions you are highly recommended to leave the Acropol site.

Subject of the Agreement

The Administration provides the User with the right to add the following information to the site:

Rights and obligations of the Parties

User has the following rights:

Administration has the following rights:

The user is to:

The Administration is to:

Responsibility of the Parties

Conditions of the Agreement

The present Agreement enters into force in any method of use of the present site.

The Agreement is no longer valid as soon as a new version is ready.

The Administration Администрация keeps the right to change the present Agreement at its discretion unilaterally.

The Administration does not inform the Users concerning the changes of the Agreement.