Payment and delivery

Acropolis is the industry leader in the production of ritual paraphernalia in Russia. Natural wood products require careful transportation and special storage conditions. The company delivers coffins all over the world, cooperates with international transport companies on favorable terms for the customer.

Company rules for payment and shipment of finished products:

When shipped, the goods are completed with high-quality packaging that preserves the surface from damage, and the material from rotting and dampness. When transferring the cargo, Acropolis employees monitor the integrity of the packaging in order to avoid damage to the cargo during the delivery process. The customer receives instructions for the storage of natural wood products.

storage is done in a dry room

it is necessary to keep the relative humidity in the range of 50-80%

do not store near a heat source

If the storage conditions are observed, the customer guarantees the preservation of the quality and appearance of the products for a period of up to 6 months from the date of acceptance of the goods. Special packaging is provided for safe storage of products for a long time. Acropolis provides delivery services to any locality, regardless of the location of the customer around the world. The possibility of transportation using any type of transport, at the choice of the customer. Products are accompanied by all necessary documentation for export and international quality certificates.