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1996 г.

date of foundation of the company

companies from 12

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types of wood are used in the production of coffins

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Quality production of expensive elite coffins

Acropol Service - high-quality production of coffins.

ACROPOL SERVICE was established in 1996 as a citywide center for the sale of elite ritual accessories.

Two years of successful work in the field of funeral services were accompanied by a thorough study of the market: the existing structure, social significance, national characteristics, trends and objective development prospects.

The research results showed that the funeral services market needs high-quality and assortment updating: coffins and accessories of local production do not meet the aesthetic needs of the consumer, the prices of imported products are unreasonably high. These findings led the company to the need to create its own full-cycle production.

The marketing strategy was based on a combination of local traditions and advanced manufacturing technologies. The innovative approach, the authenticity of design developments, the high qualification of personnel at all stages of production and commercial activity allowed our company to quickly become a leader among manufacturers of coffins made of solid wood in the Russian Federation market.

Since 2001, the company ACROPOL SERVICE is an obligatory participant and multiple winner of the international exhibitions NECROPOL and Pantheon FUNERALEXPO.

Exhibition samples of elite coffins

For the first time in the world history of coffin production, Acropolis Service presented a Swarovski coffin at the NECROPOL - TANEXPO 2019 exhibition in Moscow

“Our life is a dewdrop. Let only a drop of dew Our life - and ydata-placeholder="Перевод" dir="ltr" id="tw-target-text">et ... "(Kobayashi Issa). There is nothing eternal in this world. Anything that has form is bound to collapse. Human life is short and ephemeral, like a drop of dew. For the first time in the world history of coffin production, Acropolis Service presented a Swarovski coffin at the NEKROPOL - TANEXPO 2019 exhibition in Moscow. Crystals, like small rainbows, fragments, like dew drops, froze like tears on the surface of the product, and eternity itself protects their short life. One dewdrop contains the entire reflection of the universe. She is the same water that fills the oceans. We are all God's tears in this world. They came out of the drop and went to heaven ...

About 60 thousand Swarovski crystals were used to cover this model. The product itself is entirely made of solid oak. Natural velvet from France was used for the interior decoration. Completes the look with accessories from "Swarovski"

Exhibition exhibit from "Acropolis Service" presented at the international exhibition "NECROPOL - TANEXPO 2018"

In 2018, Acropolis Service presented a new model, the Digital Multimedia Coffin, within the framework of the Necropolis - Tanexpo international exhibition. This model is a reflection of the modern world. Life changes very quickly, and we have to constantly fit into a new rhythm. We are on the threshold of a new perception of the world, a new understanding of the aesthetics of life and death. New technologies are at the service of the burial process, allowing the mourners to pay dignified respect and gratitude, memory and love to those who have departed on their last journey.

Exhibition exhibit from "Acropolis Service" presented at the international exhibition "NECROPOL - TANEXPO 2017"

Every year, when applying for participation in the exhibition, the Acropolis Service company does not limit its tasks only to the technological and aesthetic aspects of the funeral business, but also focuses on the moral and ethical component of the profession, correlating the internal norms of corporate ethics with a high moral level. The artwork “Mirror Coffin” presented by us at the exhibition “Necropolis-Tanexpo 2017” raises the question of the transience of life. The reflection of oneself in a mirrored coffin says - "Memento mori" (from Latin, remember that it is mortal). Perhaps the most human thing in a person is the irresistible pondering of the question of questions: how to attach life to eternity, limited by the date of birth and the date of death? Awareness of the meaning of its daily work allows the company to fulfill its mission with honor - to see off the dead with dignity on the last journey, to show care and sensitivity in relation to the living.

Exhibition exhibit from "Acropolis Service" presented at the international exhibition "NECROPOL - TANEXPO 2016"

“Even if our mind were omnipotent and omniscient, it still could not comprehend eternity” Archimandrite Vasily Bakkoyanis her way there? Inexhaustible spiritual energy - Shan in the perception of the philosophy of ancient China. The journey of the soul through the afterlife of ancient Egypt. "Bardo Thodol" or "The Tibetan Book of the Dead". The comprehension of such spiritual and religious sources of ancient cultures served as the starting point for the creation of this model, which was presented by Acropolis Service in 2016 at the international exhibition Necropolis - Tanexpo

Exhibition exhibit from "Acropolis Service" presented at the international exhibition "NECROPOL - TANEXPO 2015"

A funeral is an integral part of life. Many of the wealthy people who value time and money, even during their lifetime, began to take care of their last days. There was a need to leave luxuriously and beautifully on his last journey. Such a request interested the company "Acropolis Service" and an elegant and stylish "Babylon" was born, the appearance of which fully corresponds to the high status of the funeral ceremony. "Babylon" - made of solid mahogany. The luxurious interior is made of white mink fur. Shimmering Swarovski crystals complement the design accessories of Italian craftsmen - all created for connoisseurs of high fashion and sophisticated style.

Elite coffins for a decent funeral

A coffin is a mourning attribute that must be used at parting with the deceased, regardless of the method of burial. Acropolis offers options for elite products for burial in the ground and for cremation. The models presented on the site are available for order throughout Russia.